Erika Stearly has been making paintings of domestic spaces since 2010. She's found inspiration in vintage home remodeling magazines, the IKEA catalog, photos taken in friends' houses, searching sublet rental ads on Craigslist, and most recently though Instagram.

Using a combination of watercolor and acrylic paint, Stearly quickly sketches in the setting. Despite being loosely rendered, exaggerated and often brightly colored, the collection of domestic items depicted still manage to evoke the sense of a particular place. Stearly's paintings are often titled by street address.

Stearly has been an Artist In Residence at Wilson College, Kutztown University, and Penn State University, where she taught undergraduate painting. She received awards from the Puffin Foundation and the Black Rock Arts Foundation for her work with Take A Painting, an interactive painting installation which she launched in 2013.

Her paintings are available through the BoxHeart Gallery in Pittsburgh, Design Supply in Birmingham, and online through PxP Contemporary.


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